Parent Reflections – Ms. Tambu Madanhire

Nigel Madanhire's mum

It is every caring parent’s dream to send his/her child to a school like Central High International, where the enabling environment allows them to blossom and be the best they can be. Being a parent of a child in his final year of high school, it is praiseworthy to mention that the school lived up to my definition of what educating a child does, that is bringing the best out of the child and helping them discover their abilities, personal qualities and innate talents, as well as enhancing them.
This is what I witnessed first-hand as a parent.

Nigel Madanhire's mum
Nigel Madanhire’s mum

It was not just about academic progress or coverage of the curriculum, though this is done in earnest, but also the exposure and involvement of my child in other spheres such as leadership, social responsibility, educational trips and just the general healthy interaction with peers at different levels which, in my view, provided a wholesome experience for my son.

For all the hard work that the administration and staff of Central High International accorded my son, I am sincerely grateful and will cherish this huge milestone in my child’s life forever. I strongly believe that my son got a head start to face his future with confidence. Kudos to Central High International School.

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