Central High International School, the most prestigious academic institution in Malawi, is currently accepting applications for students from Form 1 to the Sixth Form. The school offers the renowned Cambridge international curriculum at an affordable fee range, making it an exceptional opportunity for families seeking top-quality education for their children. Secure a spot for your child(children) today and provide them with the chance to receive an exceptional education at Central High International School.

Cambridge International Curriculum & Pearson BTEC Assessment

Central High International School is a Cambridge Examinations Centre with Centre number MW004 and Pearson approved Examinations Centre with Centre number 94991.
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Golden Years Passed!

Central High International School is the brainchild of late Mrs. Sakker Sacranie. She convinced the then-head of state, Dr. Kamuzu Banda and other prominent members of the community of the need for an international school with the mission of providing high-quality education at a low cost. Classes were initially held in large houses in various locations before being relocated to the current location with all of its infrastructure in 1968.

At the very outset the institution was registered with the University of Cambridge Examinations. The test of time has been admirably withstood and a vision has been fulfilled. We are a fully fledged international school whose students are taught and entered as candidates with Cambridge International Examinations at Checkpoint level, IGCSE, AS and A level for a full range of subjects.

To be a leader in international education. View each child as an individual; drawing on their individual strength and unique personality.

Within the School Community, we aim to help each student to achieve his or her potential to the full. To prepare students for life in the ever-changing world of the 21st century, the school promoted those values that will enable them to be lifelong learners.

Our education system supports six key values which underpin the academic training of our students & contribute to their personal development.

  • Resilience
  • Royalty
  • Integrity & Respect
  • Caring
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility

Students are encouraged to develop an approach to learning in which they increasingly achieve independence. The school provides a range of learning opportunities, as well as guidance and support in exploiting these, but students should be able to take advantage of these opportunities using their own initiative.

  • To offer the highest quality of the most prestigious Cambridge International Curriculum from Form 1 to A levels at an affordable fee for children from a diverse range of ethnic and natural backgrounds.
  • To inspire academic and personal excellence in our students by encouraging inquiry; stimulating creativity & innovation; embracing cross-cultural and goal perspectives and fostering meaningful participation and civic culture.
  • To preserve students to be compassionate; ethical and responsible citizens; contributing to local and global communities; respectful of different views, beliefs and cultures and aspire to make a difference in the world.

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