School begins at 7.00 am and ends at 12.25, Monday – Thursday. Friday: 7.00am – 11. 50 am.

All students must be in school by 7.00am for registration. Registration will have their name entered in the late/absent record. Students who are repeatedly late will be punished.

If a student is ill or cannot attend school, the parents must inform the secretary to the Headmistress by 7.30 am. A leave letter must be sent with the student when he/she returns to school stating the reason for absence.

Students will not be allowed to leave school until school finishes at 12.25pm. If a student need leave at other times for any reason such as illness, he/she must sign in the outgoing register.

All students who have a change of address during the course of the academic year must ensure that they inform both their form teacher and the secretary to the Headmistress.

Uniform must be kept in a heat, well maintained condition and should be worn at all times when students are on the school premises. School uniform should be worn on all school trips and visits, unless the Headmistress gives alternative direction.

School Dress is as follows:

 Regular White Half Sleeve Shirt with School Logo Regular White Half Sleeve Shirt with School Logo
 Regular Grey Trouser Regular Grey Trouser/Skirt with Grey Tights
 Royal Blue Golf Sports Shirt Royal Blue Golf Sports Shirt
 Golf House T-Shirt Golf House T-Shirt
 Formal Tie Formal Tie
 Grey Socks Grey Socks
 Grey Jersey Grey Jersey
 Blazer (Optional) Blazer (Optional)

Lost property will be collected in a bon in the school office. If it is not claimed by the end of the term, it will be disposed of.