Year 11 is a very important year for students – most year 11 students will complete 7-10 GCSE subjects in the year, and develop the base for A Level studies in year 12. Students are able to join us for Year 11 subject to meeting academic and behavioural entrance criteria, as shown through previous school reports and references. While a student joining directly into Year 11 will have to quickly find their feet, due to the course layout, students will not miss out on topics taught in Year 10.

Besides the regular classroom teaching, the students will have set periods of supervised study, where members of staff oversee quiet study in one of the classrooms at school. This is an excellent, informal way of monitoring the progress of each student throughout the academic year, not only in terms of subject knowledge but with respect to the gradual development of useful study skills.

We offer a range of subjects at IGCSE, which prepare students in the best possible way for A Levels and higher education/university.

We offer the following fourteen subjects at IGCSE (excluding those which are run subject to demand):

English as a First Language: 0500 (21,31)
English as a Second Language: 0510 (21,41,5)
Mathematics: 0580 (core 12,32 & extended 22,42)
Mathematics: 0580 (core 12,32 & extended 22,42)
Biology (IGCSE): 0610 (core 11,21,61 & extended 11,31,61)
Chemistry (IGCSE): 0620 (core 11,21,61 & extended 11,31,61)
Physics (IGCSE): 0625(core 11,21,61 & extended 11,31,61)
Art & Design: 0400 (1 & 2)
French as a Foreign Language: 0520 (core 11,21,3 & extended 41)
Geography: 0460 (12,22,42)
History: 0470 (12,22,42)
ICT: 0417 (12,22,31)
Business Studies: 0450 (11,21)
Economics: 0455 (11,21)
Accounting: 0452 (11,21)

You should start by submitting an online application or by telephoning the school office and making an appointment to visit the school and meet with the Headmaster, Dr Nishant Mishra and the Core Admission Committee.

You should:

– Complete and return the application form which will be provided on your visit
– Provide us with copies of previous school reports and examination results to date
– Provide the enrolment deposit.

Entry Requirements: To be offered a place to study at the school, the student must demonstrate not only academic ability but also a good attitude towards studies. This can be shown through previous school reports, exam results and personal references from, for example, a senior teacher at a previous school. While a proven solid academic background is used as a strong indicator when considering applications, we do examine each student’s case individually. A strong resolve to improve, along with a healthy attitude towards academics, is looked upon favourably.