Apart from sporting activities various clubs are offered to promote a holistic approach to the development of students. Students choose which clubs to participate in according to their interests. These clubs take place in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Science clubs in schools take many different shapes and forms. The activities are to create fun, create awareness and raise curiosity in the young minds. Students also engage in investigations, experiments and projects.

The objective was to tap nascent talent and fine tune the existing potential among students. The Dramatics Club of our school is a perfect platform for budding artists to hone their skills. The club provide an opportunity for the student to actively participate in all aspects of play production.

For those with a passion to express themselves, this is the club to be. These students collect news items from students, trips they go to sporting activities that take place at school and outside and put pen to paper to inform others. Recently a newsletter was published through those students.

Nature is one of the best gifts bestowed to human kind. Here are a few qualities that effective wildlife and forest conversationalists have in common: detail oriented that is the ability to have a sharp eye and check things twice. Co-friendly: being environmentally conscious like not littering the school premises. Dependable: people, wildlife and the land you protect rely on you. Cautious: you need to be careful in the field to avoid injuries or accidents.

It is the mission of the Chess Club, an educational organization, to maintain a formal programme of instruction to teach the game of chess and to promote and support its educational programme through community outreach and local and national partnerships to increase the awareness of the educational value of chess.

It is an interesting and creative club where gloves are removed and hands are used. Students learn the following: knitting, crocheting, sewing and recycling paper, mat boards, clay, paint, tin foil, beads and other collage materials.