Key Stage 3

School begins with Key stage 3 CHIS

What is Key Stage 3?

Key Stage 3 (KS3) is the part of the CHIS Curriculum taught to children between the ages of 11 and 14 in the first 3 years of secondary school. It sets out the subject areas covered and also how pupils are tested and the standard they should achieve.

KS3 begins when pupils start secondary education. It’s a part of the CHIS Curriculum and so sets out which subjects have to be taught. It also determines how children should be tested and what standards they should achieve. KS3 is not that different to primary education, except the level of achievement is obviously higher and the lessons harder.

KS3 is an important stage in education when children move up to secondary school and make choices which may affect their future education and their possible careers. But, now you know exactly what it entails you should be in a better position to help your child through this critical key stage.

Still have you any questions about the CHIS Key Stage 3?

For any inquiries relating to our school’s KS3, feel free to reach out by calling us during business hours.