Pearson BTEC


BTECs are high-quality, career-focused qualifications grounded in the real world of work. This means BTEC learners develop and apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers and universities are looking for.

At CHIS we offer the Pearson BTEC curriculum in the following subjects:

  1. ICT
  2. Travel and Tourism
  3. Business 

Alongside A levels, BTEC Nationals are the most widely-recognised qualification for admission to higher education. They are level 3 vocational qualifications that provide specialist, work-related learning across a range of sectors. BTEC Nationals are designed to equip students with the specialist knowledge, practical skills and understanding they need to progress along their chosen learning and career paths.

BTECs are developed with employers and higher education experts, so you can trust that anyone with a BTEC will demonstrate the high standards of knowledge, practical skills and understanding required for further study and employment. 

Still have you any quetions about the CHIS BTEC?

For any inquiries relating to our school’s BTEC curriculum, feel free to reach out by calling us during business hours.