Lower Sixth During the first year of the Sixth Form, Year 12, the students study for their AS Levels. The majority of our students takes four AS levels in Year 1 of the course and continues three on to full A2 level in the second year, Year 13. However, we have students each year who continue on to successfully complete 4 or 5 A levels.

Universities across the globe generally expect students to have achieved three full A levels (to A2 level) and have at least one AS, as part of their admissions criteria. Although different universities have different requirements, most universities require a certain number of UCAS points to have been accrued only from A2 units.

Students take between 4 and 6 modules per subject over the two year course. These are examined as practical modules or are taken as external examinations which are sat at the end of the school year during the May/June exam session.

Students have the opportunity of resitting exams if they wish, for that the school policy still emphasizes May-June session and not October-November, keeping a streamline and focused academic preparation in mind. Students will be entered individually for exams based on their performance; in class, during regular assessment and via Mock exams. If a teacher feels that a student needs more time to mature into their subject then, in discussion with parents and the student, entry for certain modules may be held off until the second year.

Maths and Sciences

Biology: AS 9700-11, 21, 31 A2 9700- 41, 51
Chemistry: AS 9701-11, 21, 31 A2 9701-41, 51
ICT: AS 9713- 12, 2 A2 9713-32, 4
Maths: AS 9709- 12, 62 A2 9709- 32, 72
Physics: AS 9702- 11, 21, 32 A2 9702-41,51

Humanities and Social Sciences

Business Studies: AS 9707-12, 22 A2 9707 -32
Economics: AS 9708-11,21 A2 9708-31,41
Accounting: AS 9706- 12, 22 A2 9706- 32, 42
General Paper: AS 8004-11
History: AS & A2 9697- 12,32

To ensure the standard of students at Central High International School, we have the following requirements for prospective students.

Entry requirements for students joining CHIS in Year AS or A2 :

Minimum of 5 grade A-C at IGCSE;
Evidence of an interest in education and learning; and
Good behaviour reports from the previous school or College.

For students joining in Year 13 or for retakes, the grade requirement is not set in stone but evidence of interest and good behaviour is very important as we enroll students based on an expectation that they can add to the atmosphere and dynamic at Central High International School.


The current academic climate in the world places more and more emphasis on top grades. Greater competition for university places and a tough employment environment for young people means that a short amount of time spent improving past results can pay dividends later when entering the job market. In short, better A levels, better CV, better prospects.

  1. Students who have completed their A2 year but have failed to achieve their potential have two possible options:
  2. Take a place at a lower level university, offering lower grades. This either means opting to take a place on a course they did not initially apply to study, or for example going on to a Foundation Course. However, this will more often than not leave a student having to sit their A Levels again anyway, only much later, because the qualification is not well respected in certain professions.
  3. Retake the final year of A level following a detailed plan of study (as laid out below). This can lead to higher grades, reaching their university of choice and the student achieving their potential.

At Central High International School, we acknowledge the need for students to leave school with the best grades possible, but we also acknowledge that there are various underlying reasons why a student may not have attained their grades the first time around. This may be due to:

Lack of confidence.
Lack of interest in the subjects being studied.
Lack of preparation.
Social distractions.
No academic plan or a feeling of being lost when thinking about the future.
At Central High International School, we use our wealth of experience to guide and support students from various educational backgrounds through their A Levels, whether they be retaking or first-timers.

We aim to tackle the issues facing students in several key ways in order to put them on the path to success.

They are as follows:

A scheduled and supportive programme of assessment and exam practice builds confidence in both content and exam technique.

The small group sizes allow students to build a valuable working rapport with both teachers and their peers. This facilitates the learning process, increases confidence and promotes student engagement.

Educational trips are actively encouraged at school. Allowing students to experience the subject material in a more real world context not only gives them exposure to the world at large, but also enables them to test their knowledge and understanding. Learning both in and out of the classroom increases student engagement, which improves a student’s ability to assimilate and evaluate course information.

Individual Education Plans – An Individual Education Plan is compiled for each and every student every term. The I.E.P builds on assessment data by establishing key areas for the student to focus on in his/her studies and ways in which his/her objectives can be realised. I.E.P’s also ask students to consider their school life in general, covering areas such as social interaction and extra-curricular activities. In this way any concerns that the student may have can be carefully and conscientiously supported by the school.

As a small school the community is cohesive and friendly. The College organises various social activities for students to allow new and continuing students to integrate easily. By providing a timetable of opportunities for students to have fun in a more social capacity, in conjunction with a structured academic timetable, we are able to teach students how to manage their time effectively, we can manage stress at key times, improve classroom interactions and create and maintain an environment where students are happy and want to learn right up until the final exams.

The following options are available to students wishing to retake at the College. At enrolment, discussions between student, parent(s) and Senior Management will take place to ascertain which option will best suit each individual:

Students who have completed A2 have three retake options:

Start in year 13 and retake their A2 units.
Start in year 13 and combine AS and A2 retakes over one year.
Start in year 12 and redo the full A Level over 2 years, or start afresh and choose new subjects to study over 2 years.

Students who have completed their AS year elsewhere and are unhappy with results have two options:

Start year 12 again, either to improve on current grades or to start new subjects.
Start in year 13, to study A2, but retake some or all AS modules (grade dependent).

Private Candidates We at Central High International School do not accept PRIVATE CANDIDATES (non-enrolling students) for A Level examinations. We are also NOT an examination centre for Edexcel, AQA, OCR & IB.