Hundreds of years ago in England, boys’ families would send their sons to tutors to learn what they needed to know.

At times these tutors would have the boys stay in their homes, and what started out as individual tutoring became small classes of boys learning similar information.

Occasionally the boys living in one house would compete against the boys living in another house, as one might expect, in cricket or rugby.

Over time, the houses near each other merged to make housing, dining, and administration more efficient. Eventually these houses grew into schools.

Today, the Houses continue to be the organizing system in most schools.

For parents, teachers and especially for students, the House System is an important feature of life at Central High International School.

It provides the structure for our pastoral system helping us to ensure our students feel happy and safe. It secures a sense of belonging to the school community by providing ample opportunities for student participation.

The House System helps each student to reach his or her full potential intellectually, academically and emotionally.

It delivers a structure that is designed to help students function to the best of their ability in school and enrich each student´s personal life by developing resilience, promoting independence, helping students make responsible choices, increasing their ability to function in a group and offering guidance and support in preparation to meet the intellectual, social and emotional demands of life as young adults.

Each House has a dedicated Head of House called House Master/House Mistress who bears the primary responsibility for the care of each student in the House for the duration of their secondary education.

House activities are also supported by the educators who work on the secondary’s co-curricular educational programme.


Each house will lead assemblies, set group goals, fundraise and organize competitions leading to many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.

More formally, each House is served by House Captains who lead weekly House Meetings, plan and lead House Assemblies several times in a year and organize participation in Inter House Competitions.

Each year, each House will review their vision statement and select global and local citizenship projects to support and initiate action accordingly. House Captains are supported by their Heads of House.

Houses engage in sporting activities to promote the spirit of patriotism, belonging, competition and comradeship.

The Sporting houses are named: Mulanje, after the highest mountain in the southern region, Nyika, the highest mountain in the North, especially in the Rumphi region, Viphya, the highest mountain in the Mzimda region and lastly Zomba, which is the highest in the Eastern region.

Mountains stand high and are traditionally recognised and revered by those who live in the vicinity. Likewise, we aim to inspire our students to stand tall, win honourably and face defeat with pride.

The spirit of competition is one that builds character as well as sportsmanship amongst students. Both indoor and outdoor activities, like quizzes, debates, football, netball, volleyball, badminton, basketball and table tennis among others, are done through houses. Talent is identified and those who excel are picked into the school team.

Mulanje Mr. Samuel Ms AbrahamBlue
Nyika Mr. Naho Ms ImeldaGreen
Viphya Mr. Yohane Ms JosephYellow
Zomba Mr. Kwame Ms VanessaRed