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Students applying for a place at Central High International School For AS/A level and IGCSE student, the school will check the grades from your previous school, to ensure that you are eligible for a school place in the desired class group. Some subjects such as Science and Commerce may require a higher grade. Students should check carefully the “2023/24 Entry Requirements for courses” with the school Admission team. All applicants will be considered equally Refused Applications If you are not eligible (because of lack of grades or incorrect subject choice) your application will be refused. You are advised to contact the admissions team for further guidance. If you have any questions, please contact CHIS Admissions Officer on +265 997 355 318 or by email at Please Note: If a student is offered a place on the basis of false or intentionally misleading information provided, the offer of the school. admission may be withdrawn. If you no longer require a place, please contact the Admissions Team so that your place may be offered to another student.

Please Read Through All Instructions Carefully The applicant and parent should sign off before submitting the form. Documents to be submitted with the application form: Copy of the student’s birth certificate (for new students) Copy of the first page and last page of the student’s passport (Only applicable if birth certificate not available) 1 passport photo to be uploaded. Please make sure you read our school rules, terms and conditions first before completing this form.

Important Notice: Admission Application Process

Prior to completing this form, please ensure that you have successfully submitted the required admission fee payment. The admission fee is MK45,000 for Forms 1 to 4 and MK20,000 for IGCSE & A-Levels. Failing to complete the payment will result in the rejection of your admission application.

For new applicants, please note that this form should only be filled out after you have completed a tour of the school and have undergone an entrance test or interview with the principal. If you haven’t completed these steps, kindly proceed to schedule a booking through the following link:

Attention Year 6 learners transitioning from Mount View International School (MVIPS): You are exempt from the admission fee requirement. The same exemption applies to CHIS learners previously enrolled in the IGCSE program who are applying for a place in Year 12.

For all new applications to CHIS, it is imperative that, upon submitting this form, you promptly deposit the first term’s fee into our designated account. Ensure to provide the proof of payment to the bursar to secure your seat.

We appreciate your interest in joining our educational community at CHIS. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our admissions office. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Central High International School Admission Form


This section is for students personal information


Parent Information Section


Note: If none of Medical conditions / Medical events / Description then please select none option. This section is mandatory.



Previous School

Examinations already taken, or to be taken before joining Central High International School (Applicable to all new students)
i.e. Form 1 to A levels


Subjects offered at Lower Secondary level: (Form 1 to Form 3)

  1. Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Business Education
  4. French
  5. English
  6. Biology
  7. Geography
  8. Art & Design
  9. ICT
  10. Physics
  11. History
  12. Physical Education

*All Subjects at this level are compulsory



IGCSE Students
• Students need to opt a minimum of 7 subjects
• The 4 subjects below are compulsory for IGCSE students
Compulsory subjects

  1. English 1st Language/2nd Language
  2. Mathematics Extended/Core
  3.  French as a Foreign Language 
  4. Information and Communication Technology

The remaining subjects should be chosen from the choices below:

  1. Physics/Economics 
  2. Chemistry/Accounting
  3. Biology/Business studies 
  4. History/Environmental Management/Geography
  5. Art & Design (Optional subject)

IGCSE Subject Choice: Please list down a minimum of 7 subjects from the choices above


A levels Entry requirements
• Age: 15.5 +
• Academic requirements: 5 IGCSE passes at grade C or above in Extended level subjects
• Transfer letter from previous school (applicable to new students)

➢ Biology/Business
➢ Chemistry/Accounting
➢ Physics/Economics/History
➢ Mathematics
➢ Information Technology
➢ English Language

Please select a minimum of 4 subjects from the above list and write it down below


Please supply the following required documents if they are available. Alternatively, you can bring them to the School at a later stage.

Please note that you will receive multiple reminders on the same.


Occasionally, we might capture and utilize images or videos of your child in our school's promotional materials. This could include individual photos/videos or their participation in group pictures/videos. Please indicate your consent if you are comfortable with this arrangement.


I confirm that all the information provided in this form is correct and will inform the
academy with any changes, or alternatively, use the School SIMS App to advise of any
changes (School SIMS App login details will be provided after your child joins). All parent
communication and school reports will be available via the app.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Central High International School. I
undertake to pay the fees as they are due and either to give the required notice of cancellation
or withdrawal, or to pay the required fees in lieu of notice.


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