‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.’ ~
Victor Hugo

We have been on a rollercoaster of a year and it seems like the end is still not in sight! But faith is our strongest tool on this journey and let us not let go of it. The worldwide
pandemic has been on for quite a while now. It has
affected the day to day working of all people and places, our school being no exception. The sudden shift to online lessons last year, the welcome return to school with what seemed to be the ‘new normal’ and the shift back to online lessons as cases grew in number in

It has been an unpredictable road filled with unexpected turns.
I would like to believe that we have coped with the situation at hand in the best ways we possibly could. It has also been a learning experience for all of
us here at Central High. Being pushed into a new and to an extent unknown situation has brought us all together in the quest to explore and find the
best ways to move forward as a team. It has been a long, tiring run but my team has risen to the occasion and has shown resilience and optimism. And this has
affected the students too as they have also put in their
efforts and made us proud with their commitment and hard work. We really don’t know how long things will last the way they are. But I do know that despite all the roadblocks we shall come out of this stronger than ever. We shall all get through to the other side and smile for coming out victorious.
This I believe.


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