Students must:

  1. Attend all lessons and other commitments on time, unless given permission in advance by the teacher concerned, to be absent for any specific reason
  2. Ensure that they have all the books and equipment that they will need for the lessons
  3. Maintain textbooks and exercise books in good condition.

Students must:

  1. Concentrate at all times during lessons and complete all classwork as instructed
  2. Participate as fully as possible in lessons and attempt to make a positive and constructive contribution to the class
  3. Ensure that they do not distract other students or disrupt the class in any way.

Students must:

  1. Follow the teacher’s guidance in presenting work
  2. Ensure that all work is well laid-out and as neat and tidy as possible
  3. Concentrate on improving their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Students must:

  1. Complete all work including corrections by the due date unless given extra time in advance for a specific reason
  2. Ensure that sufficient time and effort are devoted to every assignment so that all work is as good as it can be.

Any student who copies work from another student will automatically be given “0” for the assignment and will have to repeat the task. Any student who attempts to pass off material from books or the internet as their own work will automatically be given “0” for the assignment

The A – E grading system is for academic performance and is on a scale of 1 – 5. This numbering is used to indicate the effort which the student has made. 1 – Exceptional effort 2 – Working hard 3 – Satisfactory 4 – Needs to work harder 5 – Inattentive, inactive

Internal examinations take place at the end of the school and third terms from Year 7 – Year 10. For the Upper classes, Year 11 – 13, internal school examinations take place at the end of every term. Regular assessment tests will be conducted during the course of the academic year.

Students from Year 11, 12 and 13 appear for their Cambridge International exams in May/June or October/November.

All students are expected to strictly abide by the school rules, failing which disciplinary action will be taken.

  1. All pupils are required to strictly observe the school rules.
  2. School uniforms are to be worn as prescribed by the school administration.
  3. Games uniform must be worn while participating in Physical Education classes and sports. Clothes that are not a part of the school uniform will be confiscated.
  4. Unnecessary noise in the classrooms and library is not allowed.
  5. Punctuality and attendance to school are a must for the smooth running and success of the school. Any behavior considered detrimental to the good name of the school is punishable and may result in dismissal.
  6. All pupils must report to the classes as per their timetable. Loitering is strictly forbidden.
  7. No pupil is allowed to leave the school without written permission from the Headmaster.
  8. Pupils are instructed to always keep to their left while walking along the veranda of the academic block.
  9. Afternoon classes for Year 10, 11 and ‘A’ level classes are compulsory.
  10. Those students who stay back in school in the afternoon must conduct themselves properly. They must take part in the afternoon activities. No student should hang around in the waiting area. All rules are applicable to them when they stay back in the afternoon.
  11. It is an offence for a pupil to be absent from school without permission and normally no permission will be granted without a written request from parents or guardians. In case of ill health, parent’s or doctor’s letter must be presented before a child is allowed to resume classes.
  12. Pupils are expected to respect their teachers, prefects and general public both inside and outside the school.
  13. The use of vulgar language may result in suspension.
  14. Staff houses, primary school premises and the tuck shop meant for primary school are out of bounds for students from 7 am – 3 pm.
  15. Students must not go and sit in the administration office without any purpose.
  16. The sofa kept in the front parlour is meant for visitors. Students are not allowed in there.
  17. Students are to sit on the benches/chairs only, not on the desks or tables.
  18. All pupils are required to take care of their belongings. The school is not responsible for personal books, clothes, etc.
  19. Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones, radios, CD players, CDs, cameras, walkman and any other electric gadgets or computer accessories. Any such item will be confiscated.
  20. Boys must ensure that their hair is cut short and neat. Fancy hairstyles are not allowed.
  21. Girls are allowed to wear a pair of ear studs. No other ornaments are allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear any kind of ornaments.
  22. The use of cosmetics such as lipstick, nail polish, tattoo, etc., is not allowed.
  23. Sweets, chocolates and chewing gum are not permitted.
  24. Pupils are not allowed to eat or drink anything while they are in a classroom where there is a teacher teaching.
  25. Personal cleanliness and hygiene must be observed. Students are expected to trim their fingernails regularly. Litter should be disposed of properly.
  26. The parent or guardian of those pupils who cause damage, vandalise property and fittings will be required to meet the cost of repair or replacement. The above cost also includes schoolbooks.
  27. Bullying, ragging, harassing, stealing, vandalism or other misdemeanor may result in suspension. Use of drugs like tobacco, alcohol and narcotics is strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion.
  28. The use of correcting fluid is not allowed.
  29. Writing or scribbling on school buildings, library books, text books, furniture etc is strictly forbidden.
  30. No pupil, even if he/she has a valid driving license, is allowed to come driving to school.
  31. No pupil shall be exempted from PE or games without the recommendation of a qualified doctor. If a child suffers from any unusual health complaint, the Headmaster should be informed in advance.
  32. All children are to participate in extra-curricular activities like clubs, debates, quizzes as part of the school curriculum. All pupils are required to observe any other rules or regulations not specifically mentioned above that may come into force from the school from time to time.
  33. No casual games, which could cause damage to existing pitches, and equipment may be played.


  1. All students are expected to know the rules
  2. Students must learn to conduct themselves in a controlled and disciplined manner at all times and try to live up to the school’s code of conduct.
  3. Any form of bullying will be dealt with appropriately.
  4. There should be no disturbance or disruption to lessons
  5. Students should have respect for the values and beliefs of others, religious or otherwise.
  6. Students must respect the position of any person in authority be they Headmaster, teachers, prefects, or visitors. This means that students must address teachers as Mrs/Mr/Ms and visitors either ‘Sir’, ‘Madam’ or ‘Miss’.
  7. Behave in a respectful manner when in the company of elders.
  8. Show respect for and cooperate with their peers.


Parents must recognize that education is a combined responsibility between parents and teachers. Therefore they are expected to cooperate in areas of Homework, Discipline, School Timing, correct school uniform etc. Parents must realize that what the children are exposed to at home has a very important bearing (both positive and negative) on their education.