Moksha Saripilli – My Second Home

Over the years, Central High literally became a place like home to me. I did everything here: I ate, I slept (sometimes), I played games and sports, I stressed and studied for exams, I made mistakes, I learnt, I got rewarded, I got scolded, I argued with people, I cried, I laughed. All in all, I became who I am today. The teachers were like parents to me, and my friends were like siblings. Overnight, experiences turned into memories. In this account, I would like to take a walk down memory lane.

A few years ago, my parents were offered to have my brother and I to switch to a school that is often compared to CHIS.
Back in the day, it was considered the best school in Blantyre. My parents refused, not so obvious. They chose to do this because CHIS gave us what no other institution could: respect for our culture. There is content, and then there is character.

Another reason they decided it would be in our best interests to stay at CHIS is that, not only did teachers excel at teaching their respective subjects, but they were always ready to dedicate as much of their precious time as needed to assist individual students with no differentiation whatsoever. My teachers helped me to become more than just a good student; they helped me blossom into a confident, inquisitive, and astute person.
And finally, perhaps the most emotional part of this journey, friends.

On most days, they were my motivation to wake up at six in the morning. We supported each other through the rough days, we were happy for each other’s achievements, and we made every moment count. I will never forget how much my insides would ache from laughing so much. I will never forget this bond we created. The best of friends are like-minded individuals; Central High bought us all into one room and said “Meet your people,” and thus we found each other. I don’t just mean my friends group; I mean my whole class and more. Life at Central High is not your average ‘Mean Girls movie. What more could you want when you’re trying to make the most of your high school experience?

Furthermore, the learning environment only got better throughout the years. The exteriors were placid, and the interiors were focused. And of course, it was always safe. But this does not mean it was boring, from break times to sports days, there was never a dull moment within those walls. I will miss tuck-shop lunch with a side of laughter. I will miss the sweat and joy of the annual sports days. I will miss the paparazzi moments from prize-giving days. I will miss chaperoning the younger students. I will miss organizing activities and preparing for debates and speeches.


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