On the 11th of October 2019 Central High International School held the third annual Sports Meet.

The meet was declared open by the guests of honour Felix Yola and Erin Berg from the Malawi National Council of Sports and Development Office.The competition was between four inter-school houses: Mulanje, which is the blue house and has been the ruling house for three consecutive years, followed by Nyika representing green, then Vipya which wears yellow, and lastly Zomba all in red. Despite the drizzles the students came to the Sports Day energized, excited and ready to accomplish each game. It was an uplifting event as all houses being led by their heroic sports prefects were ready to bring the trophy home.

It all started with a parade lead by the Sport’s prefect Hussein and Nomsa who held the lantern and paraded around the ground with all four houses following after them. Then the houses stood at a halt to sing the national anthem. After that the Sport’s prefects as well as the guest of honour received the lantern to light the torch and declared the sports meet open. The houses roared in cheers and chanted songs of praises from their houses, giving the Sports Meet an enthusiastic start as each house made their way to their respective tents.

The Sports Day ran on for three consecutive days where students qualified to participate in a particular competition. There were many options on the table like Javelin, Discuss, Long jump, Hurdles, Relay, 100M sprint, 400M, and 800M sprint and not forgetting the all so famous Tug of War. Each race was to fight for either first, second, or third place awarding points to the victorious house and a medal as the token of achievement. The most strenuous race was the 800M race which drained a lot of the students due to not only its length but the physical and mental strength it required.


It was a tough competition for all houses individually but, as always there can only be one winner. The team spirit of the students carried on till the end and not a single house gave up till the last minute. The houses cheered in unity and the student’s togetherness was remarkable. At the end of it all the reigning champions Mulanje house managed to defend their title yet once again coming in first position. The Zomba house managed to swoop in second as opposed to fourth last year. In third came the Nyika house which also tried their level best not leaving a wide margin with the second place. Vipya unfortunately felt the blow the most as their second place title was completely stripped from them leaving them fourth.

It was a great day for all and as far as feedback was concerned most students were comfortable enough to comment that this was the best Sport’s Day they have ever attended thus far. With that being said Central High International is evidently going to keep on topping the bar for each annual Sports Meet organised.