The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Central High International School offers education up to the AS and A2 levels of the Cambridge curriculum, ensuring that this is built upon a strong base throughout high school years. Students are trained and groomed in all areas to ensure a smooth transition into any college or university they wish to proceed to. Our trained faculty is committed towards providing students with a firm foundation and strong academic and social skills that will be put to test as they progress through life.

Keeping these in mind, the school has taken a constructive new step of introducing a more professional approach for students of Commerce with the tie-up with Association of Chartered Accountants, UK and Association of Business Executives. This tie-up is of immense value for students of Accounting and Business Management as they will have access to world-class professional courses right here at school.

The biggest advantage of this partnership is that students who complete the minimum professional paper under ACCA will be directly eligible to get their degree from the Oxford Brookes University, London, which makes travel to UK or South Africa for the same, unnecessary. Completing a level 7 under ABE is equivalent to a degree. ACCA and ABE are popular and well sought after with recognitions across 160 countries. Students will only gain from this rich exposure into the professional world.