Student Reflections

Focus on Aisha Patel

Central High International School is not only a versatile, intelligent and multi-faceted member of the Student Council but is also one of the first few students to start her own blog. The editorial team caught up with this witty, humble and well-spoken young blogger and interviewed her: Question: What inspired…
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Too stressed to do it, leave it? Moksha Saripilli

It really is that simple, and it is exactly what I do to keep myself sane as a three Sciences plus Math student in Year 13. We can all agree that the A-levels are NOT easy, and this is the reason why we must be easy on ourselves. There is…
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Moksha Saripilli – My Second Home

Over the years, Central High literally became a place like home to me. I did everything here: I ate, I slept (sometimes), I played games and sports, I stressed and studied for exams, I made mistakes, I learnt, I got rewarded, I got scolded, I argued with people, I cried,…
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