Forced to say goodbye

By: Qurratul-ayn Issa -Year 13

Central High International school became my second family. It turned into another safe place, another home. I spent years living the finest moments, creating treasurable memories and meeting incredible people here. This place did much more than raising me to be a good student. Instead, It moulded me into who I am today. Into what I believe is the best version of myself. I flourished into an assertive, delightful, discerning and optimistic young leader.

This institution embraces young pupils from different parts of the world, with distinct cultures, traditions and opinions and lets you make friends. Friends whom today are considered my family. Essentially, they motivate me to force myself out of bed every morning. We held each other’s hands on days when academic pressure got too rough and together we celebrated when we succeeded. We laughed until our insides gave up on twisting and excelled our way through this journey.

Most teachers were seen as parents and some as older friends. They joined me through these past few years, pushing me to work harder and achieve way more than I thought I was capable of. Yes, they were times when I got scolded and my stubborn character argued but the day always ended with a huge smile and a deep hearty laugh. For this, I am so grateful.

They say “High school is the best time of your life, make the most of it”.I can’t agree more. It was the best and most harmless environment I could ever ask for. This doesn’t mean it was dull, contrary that it was more than incredible. From lessons to break times to sports days it was always exhilarating. participating in debates, swimming galas, and going on field trips were so much fun. Not forgetting to mention how being part of the council and planning events was my favourite thing to do.

These last few months here are bittersweet and nostalgic. The thought of leaving this home behind and spreading my wings further into the world is the most precious yet difficult action. Leaving friends in the lower forms behind, and slowly starting to dismiss myself from the teachers and favourite corners is hostile. Either way, as I start a new chapter of my life I am proud to be part of the CHIS family.

I may not physically be here in a few months to come but it will forever be in my heart.


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