Year 9 invades Dziwe la Nkhalamba!

“There’s no greater reward from travel than the knowledge and experience gained along the way.”
Field trips at Central High International School provide authentic hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for learners apply what they are learning in the classroom in a real-world context.
As part of the school’s field trips, on 24 May 2022, our Year 9 learners visited Dziwe la Nkhalamba, a lovely pool at the foot of a magnificent waterfall on the Likhubula River and one of the Mulanje Massif’s natural dams.
The learners were able to experience Malawi’s natural diversity, which is one of the country’s most distinguishing features.
The learners also visited the Mulanje tea plantations, where they learned about tea growing and procession.
Another incentive of holistic education learning at CHIS!