This year’s prize giving ceremony took place in the assembly hall, on the 21st November, 2019, with specially invited guest, Professor Samson Sajidu, Vice Principalof Chancellor College in Zomba.

The soon to be awardees sat at the front of the hall, with their parents also sitting in front, waiting to be given their awards.After a welcome to Professor Sajidu, the awards got underway with the top students from Year 7 and 8 coming up to get their awards. The top performers from Year 9 and 10 then followed them, with special mention of those that had come top in the Year Checkpoint examinations. These high achievers smiled with pride as they took their prizes with their parents standing alongside.

There was then a short interval as the school choir serenaded us with a beautiful rendition of, “Eye of the Tiger”, which showcased their wonderful harmonics and ended with a rousing solo.

The award ceremony then continued with the Year 10 awardees, Muhibbah Rashid, and Attaur Ansari among them before going on to the highest achievers in IGCSE.

The top achievers for the Cambridge IGCSE 2019 examinations were: Al-Tahir Ismail, Pavan Delvadia, Muneera Ibrahim, Om Bharat Kumar, Gopika Pradeep and in 1st place Raeesa Jussab Khan with 1 A * , 5 As, 1 B and 2 Cs.

Following that the top achievers from the Cambridge Examinations AS Level Year 12 were awarded. They were; Amanda Nyirende, Chisomo Grace, Mohammed Husein, Jino Vinod, and most especially Sagar Mishra, who has wowed everyone with his outstanding performance of 6 As at AS level. Well Done Sagar!


Finally the Cambridge Examinations A Levels Year 13 awards were announced as follows; Nida Riaz in 5th place, Inayat Nathanie in 4th, Akila Patel in 3rd, ex-head boy Imran Hassam in 2nd and the very amazing Dev Shah in first place with 2A*s and 2As.

These students are all now studying at university but made time in their busy schedules come back and great their friends at Central High.

The Guest of Honour, Prof Samson Sajidu, the Vice Principal, Chancellor College then made his speech encouraging students about the importance of education, and adding a personal note with some details of his own story. He emphasised on the goals that students must create and strives hard to achieve regardless of challenges and obstacles. According to Prof Samson, Central High International School has one of the best educational infrastructures in the country and the students can not have any reason not to get success.

“We are increasing the awards year by year and this year 62 students are being recognised for their talent and hard work in academics” said the Headteacher of the school Dr. Mishra. He added that by organising such events other students who missed their chances to get awarded would definitely try their best to be in the list of achievers by next year. Dr. Mishra especially showed his cheerfulness while mentioning a Cambridge A Level student, Sagar Mishra, who secured historical grades i.e. 6 A’s

And finally Sagar Mishra, everybody’s favourite took the stage to thank his friends and teachers, and to inspire the next generation on the way forward. Many Thanks Sagar!