Prize Giving Ceremony 2019-20 Academic Year

One of the most sought and awaited celebrations for parents and learners at Central High International School is the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic COVID-19, the same for the academic year 2019-20 got postponed twice.
However the school was committed to honour the hard work of its learners and had to give away the certificates and medals to those who succeeded to secure the highest positions in each Year Group.
Although the ceremony didn’t look like the way it has always been in normal circumstances, still, we felt delighted and proud to see our learners happily walking up on the stage and receiving their prizes.
Please be advised that this ceremony was organised only for the Lower Form Achievers ( Form 1-4) and the achievers of the IGCSE, AS and A Levels May-June 2020 Examinations shall receive their awards in our Prize Giving Ceremony scheduled in November 2021.
We sincerely wish to organise this ceremony in its GRANDEUR in the next academic year.
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