A 21st Century Mindset: Inspiring Graduates and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

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The Central High International School graduation on the 12th of June 2023 celebrated the achievements of the batch of 2022/2023, with 29 learners graduating.
The event, held in the school’s magnificent hall, was graced by Mr. Irfan Bheda, the Chairman of the CHIS Board of Governors, Mr. Farauk I. Nathanie and Sabir Ahmed Nathanie, members of the Board of Directors and the esteemed guest of honor, Dr. Ulemu Katunga, Chief Executive of The Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM).
The event unfolded as a spectacle of talent and accomplishment. The atmosphere resonated with heartfelt emotions as the Head Girl and Head Boy delivered their valedictory addresses, capturing the essence of their transformative journey through Central High International School. The stage came alive with the mesmerizing performances of drama and music, captivating the audience with their creativity and skill.
Outgoing A-Level learners shared their profound thoughts, reflecting on the lessons learned and the memories cherished during their time at the school. Parents, too, took the opportunity to express their gratitude and pride, their words filled with warmth and admiration for their children’s growth and accomplishments.
The Guest of Honor’s speech emphasized four essential values for life after graduation, inspiring the graduates to take pride in their remarkable achievement.
Dr. Katunga highlighted the importance of recognizing the competitiveness of the world and encouraged the graduates to embrace simplicity. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for the graduates to never become complacent and always strive for growth and improvement.
Central High International School sends best wishes to all the graduates, believing in their potential to create a positive influence and uphold the values they have learned.

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