Focus on Aisha Patel

Central High International School is not only a versatile, intelligent and multi-faceted member of the Student Council but is also one of the first few students to start her own blog.

The editorial team caught up with this witty, humble and well-spoken young blogger and interviewed her:
Question: What inspired you to start blogging?

Aisha: Writing has always been my strongest suit and I have always felt the urge to express my thoughts in writing even when I was a First Language learner up to IGCSE. During the quarantine period, I found myself having lots of spare time on my hands and decided to use it to start my own blog. It was the only way to keep up with my passion for writing and use it as a platform to apply the skills I had acquired from both the English courses at school and my love for books in general.

Question: What do you write about on your blog?

Aisha: Mainly motivational content and poetry here and there

Question: What was your target audience when you started out?
Aisha: Anyone who is interested in reading and appreciates literary works but as it turned out, students from my school,
especially my friends, started following me as well as friends of my friends! As a result, I ended up reaching a much larger
audience and felt really encouraged.

Question: What impact would you say your blog has had on your followers?
Aisha: Two of my followers who happen to be students of CHIS went on to start their own blogs. This made me realise that in my own small way, I’m influencing other people in a
positive way.

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