1. To foster a caring and safe learning environment that stimulates curiosity, freedom of  expression, cooperation, fairness, and respect for others
  2. To use technology to enhance the delivery, quality, and effectiveness of teaching and learning
  3. To strive towards improving the school’s learning environment, facilities, and resources
  4. To encourage children to develop the skills necessary for independent learning, successful problem solving, and critical thinking
  5. To provide learning experiences that are appropriate to a child’s age and stage of development
  6. To ensure effective teaching and learning by recruiting and developing skilled and committed teaching staff
  7. To prepare our young people for the challenges of a rapidly changing world
  8. To celebrate cultural diversity
  9. To promote positive partnerships between staff, students, parents, and the wider community.


Central High International School offers a challenging, inclusive international education environment, designed to give every student opportunities for success within and beyond school. This education is provided by a team of outstanding, well-qualified teachers, working in world-class learning environments on a safe, secure campus.

Our school offers a joyful, safe, challenging, and caring educational environment, where the focus is on an excellent, balanced programme of learning, which develops kind, confident, academically successful, and outgoing students.