Subjects offered: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Department Head – Ms. J. Abraham

Our Key stage 3 science curriculum comprises of physics, chemistry and biology. This syllabus is taught from year 7 to year 9. This syllabus is divided into three and each subject is taught by a subject expert. The syllabus include study of materials and their properties, study of life processes and living things, study of physical processes as well as scientific enquiry. Each student is issued with a course book for the subject.

In addition to this our Library has other reference books. At the end of year 9 they write the International Check Point Exam. After the check point exam we start the IGCSE Syllabus in all the three subjects. This syllabus is taught throughout year 10 and completed by the first term of year 11. This gives us ample time to do revision and prepare our students thoroughly for the International Examination. Students are provided with text books and our Library is equipped with other reference books.

There are two tiers in the Cambridge International Exam, the extended curriculum and the core curriculum. Students aiming for grades A* to C must follow the Extended curriculum. We also offer A- Levels in all three sciences. The minimum entry requirement for A – Level sciences is a B in the respective subject for the IGCSE exam. The A – Level course is completed in two stages. The first year is the Advanced Subsidiary Level and students are expected to choose a minimum of 4 subjects and at the end of the year they will sit for an International Exam.

The second year is the A2 level where they have an option to drop one of the three subjects and continue with the three of their best subjects. Science syllabus is practical oriented and we have well equipped Laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology to cater for the needs of these subjects. We finish our syllabus well in advance so that we get enough time for revision. Our students are also provided with Cambridge Endorsed Text Books for these subjects. Other reference books are also available in the School Library.