Subjects offered: Information Communication Technology and Art

Department Head – Mr. Padmaraj Patil

The subject is the backbone of any organisation in today’s world. Central High International School is no less than any other school in the line of providing first class facility in the field of ICT. We are very well equipped with two IT labs; Senior IT Lab with more than 35 laptop computers, and Junior IT Lab with 25 laptop computers – all connected to a 24/7 broadband internet facility.

The aim of the department is to provide every student with the basic ICT skills to operate the computers and to expose them with the latest technology. Making them ready for future challenges in the field of Science and Technology. ICT is a compulsory subject in Central High International School from Year 7 to Year 11. This is to ensure that all students passing out of our school have basic ICT knowledge which is a basic criteria for any kind of future education. Year 7 to Year 9 classes follow the basic ICT syllabus from Cambridge.

Year 10 and Year 11 classes follow International General Certificate of Secondary Education, IGCSE and AS/ A level classes follow General Certificate of Education, where emphasis is given to both practical and theoretical knowledge. The students take an online examination at the end of their academic year in Year 11, AS and A level. Weighting is given to both practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject.


Art and design is a very broad and technical Subject which requires an excellent artistic mind, skill as well as patience and interest in the subject. Art and Design trains students in various fields of commercial art including fashion design, cartooning, digital photography, graphic design, video production and theatre design.

There is always a good showing of Art and Design kids at open houses and high school fairs—and both teachers and students seem happy to be there. Students in year 7 up to 9 take two periods of art each every week in addition to their regular academic coursework and year 10 – 11 have four periods of art every week.

When they graduate, some go to art school, some to regular academic colleges and some straight to work and students are clearly most passionate about their art classes because we do not just teach them how to paint, we teach them how to make a living. Students have imaginative projects in their art classes as they build impressive portfolios of their work, the art classes are mostly geared towards passing IGCSE Art and design examinations and to be a dominant Entrepreneur, Employee and Employer in the Art and Design industry.

After Studying Art and Design at Central High International School students have a variety of choices of courses to choose from and there are a lot of universities which offer art /design related courses.