Subjects offered: History, Environmental Management and Geography 

Department Head – Mr. N. Mishra

History and Geography are compulsory from year 7 to year 9. Together with History, Geography is offered optionally in year 10, year 11, year 12 and year 13. Geography is one of the most popular subjects in the school. This is because of its relevance in many careers.

A solid background in geography is essential for those intending to follow a career in Geographical Information System (GIS). This is a computerised system used for the collection, storage, analysis, manipulation and presentation of complex geographical information relevant to commerce and government sectors.

Geography is virtually important for those considering Urban Planning, Climatology, Transport Management, Environmental Management, Demography, Emergency Management, Teaching, Foreign Service, Marketing, Librarian, Information Science, National Park Services, Real Estate Appraisal, Mining and Geology. Studying geography makes one understand our planet and become a well educated global citizen. History is not just studying about the past; it is like gaining access to “the laboratory of human experience”.

History enables one to acquire usable habits of mind. One learns about forces that affect our own lives and develops skills and capacity for informed citizenship. History determines the way in which people identify and react with one another and this in turn shapes and conditions individuals and societies. History is also a bridge to other disciplines. As they say, ‘history is magister vitae, “teacher of life”’.

History prepares one to think analytically, critically and write. History have openings to become artists, lobbyists, insurance agents, bankers, activists, police officers, lawyers, sales people, researchers, writers, social workers, teachers and stock brokers.