‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.’ ~
Victor Hugo

Warm greetings to one and all!

After all of the pandemic ups and downs over the last two years, we returned to school in September 2022, successfully making the shift back to onsite teaching and learning. Let us hope and believe that the months ahead will prove to be a healthy, productive one.

I am indeed very grateful to all the parents and guardians for their continued support and faith in us, as we navigated the tough waters. Your support gives us the strength needed to continue giving our best.

The students and teachers have strived towards achieving better and better each year and the outcome of that is seen in the promising Cambridge results of IGCSE, AS and A Levels, May-June 2021 series. Congratulations to all the students, teachers and parents for this.

This year we have also successfully run two camps, in coordination with DHO, Blantyre, to successfully vaccinate many of our learners against COVID-19. A heartfelt thank you to DHO, Blantyre for this initiative.

A highlight of this academic year is, without doubt, the new swimming pool complex at Central High! We are excited to finally introduce swimming as one of the many sporting activities at school. The students too have been enjoying their lessons each week with the two skilled and experienced swimming coaches we appointed.

New staff members have also been recruited for Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels and they too have been working hard to deliver their best towards supporting and nurturing our learners.

In an attempt to further diversify the curriculum here at Central High, we had been working towards introducing the Pearson BTEC Curriculum in the academic year starting September 2021. The BTEC curriculum is equivalent to Cambridge A Levels and will surely add value to what we already do at school. However, due to some technical challenges we were unable to kick start it. On the brighter side, we have applied for the same and intend to start the course by September 2022 along with IT, Travel & Tourism, Business & Sports Curriculums. This year we have introduced a few more subject choices for learners. Global Perspectives is already a hit with the Lower Forms & IGCSE since September 2021 and next we will introduce Drama and PE Curriculums from April 2022.

We have had some wonderful club activities which the learners also enjoyed, including Chess, Drama, Design & Technology, Robotics, Cookery, Music, Mountaineering, Teqball, Firstaid, Magazine & Newsletter, Rugby clubs etc.

This year has seen a good number of trips and excursions in and around Blantyre. IGCSE and A-Level students have had fruitful educational visits to the Reserve Bank of Malawi and FDH Bank. An exciting two-day excursion to Mulanje mountain proved to be a wonderful and fun team building event that was enjoyed by the students. This trip was in collaboration with Colby’s Adventure, a corporate group that specializes with organising trips and excursions for all kinds of groups. The Lower Forms will have their share of educational trips and excursions starting next week, up to the end of May.

The school has gone extra miles this year signing up MOUs with the top private and public universities/institutions of Malawi- Malawi University of Science & Technology, UNICAF to name a few along with the University of Malawi into the pipeline. We have also been associated as official partners with BITS, Dubai, Nottingham Trent, UK and University of Leicester Canada.We have introduced Career and University Placement services, in association with Bridge U, CIALFO — one of the leading MNCs globally which gives learners access to personality tests and options to choose universities from across the globe, all at no extra cost.  This opens up many avenues for our students and makes choosing career paths clearer and more focused.

It has been a busy two terms, filled with productivity and accomplishments. We hope to continue to give our learners richer experiences, supporting them in every way we can, as they get ready to contribute in much more fruitful ways to the community and the world.


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