Sport does not build character. It reveals it.

One simply cannot downplay the importance of sports and fitness in a student’s life. Keeping that in mind, Central High International aims to foster sporting skills as well as the sportsman’s spirit in our students. While sports are a regular feature in school time table, we also endeavor to offer an exposure to the talent outside the school walls by encouraging our students to participate in various competitions both in-house and otherwise.

 One such event that the school hosted was the Handball invitational tournament which witnessed the participation of over six schools community teams in the daylong event. Adding charm to the event were senior teams which included Cobbe Barracks and Blackpool, who featured in an exhibition match, showing the young sportspersons what they should aim to achieve.

Ms Sophie Kathewera, Treasurer of Malawi Handball Association (Maha) stated that the association was on the look-out for under-20 players to feature for girls’ and boys’ national teams for the international tournament in September to be held in South Africa and events such as these were an excellent way to track new talent.