When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” you will most likely think of personalities such as Mark
Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others of such elk. It’s easy to think of entrepreneurship in the context of people who have built global empires and are worth billions, while they provide
admirable models of success, they would be at the extreme end of an entrepreneurial
spectrum. True entrepreneurial thinking and by extension entrepreneurship is the most sought after skill set today’s volatile and often
uncertain business climate.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century needs to look beyond the attainment of financial objectives, it is so much more than that. There are numerous Non
financial objectives that must be taken into consideration, an example would be
ensuring that the venture/ undertaking is complementary to the national
development agenda in some way, shape or form. At its heart, entrepreneurship is the process of developing, organizing and managing a business venture to (hopefully) make a profit. Of course, that means taking risks, and likely
failing, painfully and often. Harnessing the power of creativity and moving an idea through the process of innovation to reach a final result-be it a business, a product, or a social movement-is the true
manifestation of entrepreneurial thinking. Equipping young entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to manage those
challenges better makes sense. I have
initiated a series of brain-storming sessions for the learners of CHIS and MVIPS, which will hopefully commence in September 2021. The objective is provide these young and fertile minds a forum/ platform to share their ideas and goals, and how these ideas can be developed further and taking to the point of execution.

Irfan Bheda

Board of Governors

Email: ibheda@gmail.com