Capita SIMS

Capita SIMS for Parents – A new addition to our resources

‘’A convenient way to communicate with parents – SIMS Parent app is part of the SIMS 360 parental engagement solution. Each module works in sync to effectively bridge the parent-teacher-student communication gap, improving academic achievement and supporting student wellbeing.”

This is a latest addition added to our teaching facilities. We believe Capita SIMS is an innovative and efficient way to enhance the quality of education and experience that a student receives at Central High International School.

Some of the key features of the app include:

It provides an easy and accessible way for schools to communicate with parents on all aspects of school life.

Parents who have more than one child attending the school can easily get hold of grouped information on their children via the app.

Whether it’s sharing information on homework, timetables, school reports or conduct, parents can stay on top of their child’s progress throughout their education with the help of the app. They will have instant access to student homework, timetables, school reports and classroom behavior/conduct.

Schools can easily send automated alerts and notifications directly to parents’ phones, and a clear dashboard gives parents an overview of their child’s school life, making for meaningful conversation at parents’ evenings once they get home.

Effective parent engagement in schools means parents are more involved. This can help to support student development, and work with the school to improve outcomes for their children.

Using the SIMS Parent app, teachers can easily manage extra-curricular activities such as school trips, sports activities. Teachers can now before, during or after school, easily send out invites, manage responses and keep parents regularly updated. Through this, the parents will have now be part of the full picture and just not the conventional “report day activity.’’

It is really convenient for students as wherever they may be, the SIMS Student app engages students by allowing them to see important information, such as their timetable, homework they’ve been set, and feedback once it has been marked. Students can also receive alerts and reminders through the app, for example, if there is a career fair happening at school tomorrow.

Students can access all the information they need outside of school directly from their phones, tablet, or PC. Whether they are on the school bus or on their home computer, the information they need is at their fingertips, which will make their life much easier and will help them plan their activities.

With SIMS Homework, teachers can now create homework anytime. As well as being able to include any relevant attachments, teachers can also view all homework that’s been created and monitor the status of the submission of every student. Parents are also able to view homework information; therefore, they are aware of the homework a student has received on a daily basis.

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