Dev Shah

College of Medicine - MBBS

I am Dev Shah and I joined Central High International School in 2017. I started in my AS year and completed my A2 here as well. I was here for only 2 very short years and I am thankful for every second that I spent.

This is where I got the opportunity to expand my knowledge base; I could always count on my teachers’ support and their guidance. I am grateful for the responsibilities that I was presented as the school Disciplinary Prefect.

There were a wide array of extracurricular activities to choose from, which better helped me find out my strengths and weaknesses. During A2, I took four classes: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Thus laying the very foundation that helped me to enrol in as a First Year MBBS student at College of Medicine.

Imran Hassam

College of Medicine

My name is Imran Hassam and I joined CHIS in 2011. I completed the whole of my secondary education in this school. A journey of 7 years finally led me into one of the best medical schools in Africa: College of Medicine.

For this reason, I owe it to CHIS community for helping me grow, as both a learner and an individual. Over the course of my time in the school, I had many amazing experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. These range from inter-school football tournaments victories to moments of insight in the classroom and to one of my personal favourites: being elected as the Headboy of the student body council in my final year, surely CHIS enriched my life.

As a Headboy, I learnt a lot of life lessons, soft skills, organizational skills, and above all handling disputes and coming to amicable decisions in group activities. Furthermore, I personally got to interact with many chief guests functions and gatherings. These were great value additions as I learnt many things from those confabulations.

It was a great opportunity to identify and tap the latent leadership qualities in me. It made me more disciplined and widened my horizon of thinking. As for the teachers of CHIS, they helped me recognize my strengths, weaknesses and guided me to develop my potentials and embrace my strengths. None of these moments would have been possible without the unceasing dedication and support from the teachers, the administration and the students of the school.

Akila Ashraf

College of Medicine

I am Akila Ashraf, a former student of CHIS. I joined in September 2017, and completed my A-levels in June 2019. It was a whole new experience but not one with a gloomy ride but rather one filled with enormous amounts of memories, endless support, and a life changing achievement which led me to gain acceptance in one of the prominent universities of the continent.

I was always told by people that A-levels was going to be very difficult, and getting into College of Medicine was not going to be easy since there are a large number of candidates to compete with. Nevertheless, with the help of my teachers, who taught wonderfully and never failed to be the steady backbone that I needed during those years, I managed it. If it were not for them, I would have not made it into the field of study I am in currently.

There were many opportunities that CHIS gave me, ones that not only focused on my grades but ones that helped me as an individual in the progressing world, the school aided me in looking into my abilities and hidden potentials, all contributing to who I am today.

I am no longer a student there but I will always look back and remember the wonderful time we all shared as the CHIS family. Along with that, I will be forever grateful to my teachers, the principle, classmates and last but not least the organization for making A-levels in CHIS a memorable experience.

Adham Tarek

College of Medicine

My name is Adham Tarek and I am currently a first year medical student at the Malawi College of Medicine. CHIS provided a safe space for me to learn and tap into my full potential; pushing me beyond limits as well as providing opportunities for me to grow as an individual; socially especially, by being elected in positions such as that of house representative for Viphya and of school disciplinary prefect, the school has given me the confidence to run for positions such as the position of Treasurer for the Malawi Medical Students Association at the College of Medicine; a position I currently hold with pride and diligence.

The teachers that I shall always remember fondly were always ready to encourage me and guide me, showing me full support in my academic experience; most importantly by laying the solid foundation in my AS Year, providing all the resources I needed and ensuring I was well versed in the syllabus that helped me soldier through my pre-med year, and has ultimately helped me reach where I am.